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Leveling Reworks

  • Boosted Experience
    • Kills: 2x
    • Quests: 3x
    • Elite & Dungeon Quests: 10x
    • Rested Exp: Gained 5x Faster
  • Cost Adjustments
    • Skill costs before 40 halved gold/silver cost.
    • Mount Costs Reworked
      • Mounts
        • 60% - 10g
        • 100% - 100g
      • Riding Training
        • Apprentice [60%] - Free
        • Journeyman [100%] - 900g

Auction House Rework

  • All Auction Houses are linked (Ally/Horde/Neutral = Shared)
  • Deposit is 50% cost, and auctions last 2x as long (UI does not show updated values when posting however)

Loot Reworks

  • Vanilla+ Specific AtlasLoot+ to see where new loot drops + new reputation rewards:
  • Profession Loot Massively Overhauled - Especially early game loot to provide effective weapons and gear in lieu of dungeons and elite rewards or AH gear.

Limited Cross-Faction

  • Enabled
    • All chat functions and /world global server channel
    • Trade functions (Proximity/Auction House)
    • Party/Raid Invites [See: Cross-Faction Raiding]
  • Disabled
    • Mail Functions
    • Guild Invite
    • /who [Only displays players from your faction, use .server info to see server population and uptime.]
    • Battlegrounds

Talent/Hybrid Spec Revamps

  • New Roles and Tiersets for Classes
  • Talent Respec costs reworked
    • 1g floor; 5g cap
    • Much faster decay (1 week full decay from 5g to 1g)

Ironman System

  • Ironman's Resolve - 5% Buff to: Damage/Healing Done by Player; 5% Reduced Damage Received
    • Active from 2-59, cannot be clicked off or removed EXCEPT by death.
      • Note: There is a separate buff at level 1 that does not provide any game effects, this may be right-clicked off if you do not wish to attempt the challenge and risk humiliation.
    • Removed on ANY PvE death
      • Exclusions
        • Deaths before level 10
        • Death via PvP
          • [Beware gankers regardless! They can chainpull mobs or weaken/stun/disable you to grief, if a mob gets killing blow Ironman buff is lost.]
        • Deaths to environment [eg: Fall/Fire/Lava]
  • Rewards:
    • Ironman's Medallion (/flex for a cosmetic model size increase a la firewater elixir)
    • Serverwide announcement of name/race/class
    • 15 minute invulnerability buff upon hitting 60
  • Confirmed Ironman Characters List