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Ranking System Adjustment

  • RP/Decay Overhaul
    • No decay under R6, massively reduced under R10, capped at max of 50% rank ever.
    • Standing 1 = higher ranking calcrelative to classic ranking points.
    • Lower decay = higher RP rewards for higher standing relative to classic, however overall RP gain calculations are reduced slightly to compensate.
      • Very consistent [but can be done very quickly with high standing from low ranks] ranking system up to R12/13 even with limited time investment relative to classic.
      • R13 -> R14 will need high/top standing to actually progress past 10-20%/week.
  • Standings pool sizes greatly increased to offset population numbers
  • Epic PvP sets balanced to T1 levels, buffs will come with later phases to keep them relevant.
  • Blue/Epic set bonuses reworked and adjusted in various ways. (See Atlasloot V+ in Addons)
  • Greatly increased honor bonus for killing players ranked higher than you.
  • Currently due to population issues/bg imbalances, Alliance have a 50% RP gain increase. (09/08/2022; still in effect?)
  • If players of opposing faction have the same IP, they will not receive credit for kills towards standing/rating calc. [Multibox abuse prevention]
  • Can turn honor gain off using ".honorgain", useful for high rated players who want to be cooperative with standings/pool placement and/or pvping for fun without griefing rankers [See Server Chat Commands]

Battleground Changes

  • Alterac Valley temporarily disabled
  • Reputation gains greatly increased (approx 5x faster)
    • Reputation Rewards rebalanced, made more useful for various specs. New items added (See Atlasloot V+ in Addons)
  • Objects in environment such as rocks/trees/bones now act as collision and can dodge/LoS spells.
  • BG Mark awarded every 20-30 minutes in queue in addition to bonus honor.
  • BG Marks can be used to purchase raid flasks for 10x of each mark per flask. (30 marks total)
    • Can also turn in for gold via honor quests at faction warbringers.
  • Deserter pops if you miss too many queues (to prevent cheesing mark queue system), exponentially scales to 48 hr+ if you routinely troll.
  • Close games reward extra marks to loser.
  • Various anti-grief mechanics added

Warsong Gulch

  • Capped at 40min game length
  • Flag carrier takes increased damage after 15m
  • Many collision points added to prevent cheese jumps
  • Added LoS object in middle of map for skirmishing

Arathi Basin

  • Water to BS is now shallow, allows mounts to run across instead of log jumping.
  • Various GM/LM pathway adjustments and LoS objects added to allow better defense.
  • Additional comeback mechanics added
    • Dynamic Cap Timer
    • 'Others'? (Per changelog, need clarification)

Azshara Crater

World PvP Changes

  • Faction Leader Kill System
    • Killing city leaders rewards MASSIVE honor gains, be warned some are very difficult relative to raid bosses.
    • Faction Leader Auras - Members of the same faction near their faction leaders will receive massively increased honor rewards for HKs (to encourage defense of leaders being worthwhile honor reward)
  • Silithus Sands massively buffed honor gain
  • Eastern Plaguelands Towers
    • Each tower has varying types of guardian NPCs (very difficult to solo without cheese if not impossible for most classes)
    • Buffs now affect WPL and different towers have different affects in addition to their base benefits
      • South - Creates area where opposing faction cannot mount or move over 100% speed
      • North - Creates clickable object that can dispell you can give shadow res and stam % buff.
      • East?

Misc PvP Balance Changes

  • PvP Trinket/Insignia for all classes lowered from 5 to 3 minute cooldowns.
  • Druid PvP Movespeed Set Bonus nerfed