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Launcher Link

Automatically downloads required client and data patches, updates for new patches automatically.

Manual Install

  1. Download any 1.12.1 Client.
    1. Elysium Client Mirror - Direct Google Drive Link
  2. Extract to any unrestricted folder (Recommend avoiding system directory as it can be clunky with read/write for UI and macro settings on Win10/11)
  3. Download patch-3.mpq from Vanilla+ Community Site. - [or direct link here]
    1. Place patch-3.mpq into the 'Data' subfolder.
  4. Edit the '' file with any notepad/text editor and edit whatever is there [should be "set realmlist" if using above mirror]
    1. Change contents to "set realmlist"
  5. Register account online at Vanilla+ Community Site. Good to go!

[Note for manual install, you will need to manually replace patch-3.mpq whenever there is a discord announcement or your game/UI will likely break in various ways or display incorrect values until properly updated.]

Black screen after setting graphical settings? No worries, simple fix, see our Troubleshooting page!