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  • Windowed Mode = Black Screen
    • Add the following lines to your config.txt file in V+ base folder.
      • SET gxWindow "1"
      • SET gxMaximize "1"
      • SET gxResolution "1920x1080"
        • [Note: or whatever your current monitor resolution, eg for 4k - 4096x2160 or 3840x2160]
      • SET gxRefresh "60"
        • [Note: Monitor HZ/flicker rate eg - 144 is modern standard]
  • Resolution Resizing Despite Editing Config
    • Set to 'Read-only' after updating to correct resolution/hz rate and before reopening WoW Client. [Right click, select 'Properties' and check the 'Read-only' box.]
  • Missing UI Elements/Tooltip Information
    • Most common cause
      • Misconfigured WTF/temporary client files; clear WTF/WDB/Misc folders.
      • Delete the old patch3.mpq and download and replace the patch3.mpq [Vanilla+ Direct Link] into the Data folder
  • Known Addon Compatibility Issues
    • Make sure to increase default addon memory limit [Note: Can be configured through config.txt in V+ client folder or ingame at character login screen in addons tab.]

Unintended Ingame Effects

  • Known Class/Ability/Mechanic Bugs
    • Stealth Detection/Levels still?
  • Improperly/Overtuned Mobs
    • Inconsistent rare tuning [Many mobs past 40 are tuned similar to ~2x dungeon mob equivalent values and have one shot mechanics via thrash/stunlocks.]
    • Broken Mob Abilities
    • Many caster style mobs will melee VERY hard when they are oom or interrupted.