Hunter Pets

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Carrions - Dispatch (works like a warrior's Execute, your birdie crits with 1.5-2k dmg), owls - Screech (lowering your target's ap). Owls cannot learn Dispatch.

Spiders - Web (Single target 3s root); additional melee hit chance (7%)?

Scorpids - poison stack (х5) (unchanged?)

Crocodiles - solo target stun (something like 4 sec, 5 min CD); Channeled self heal

Raptors - +5% attack speed buff, stacks up to 5 times, lasts for 30 sec

Bats  - aoe silence, good threat generator due to aoe.

Gorillas - Thunderstomp (aoe damage - 300 dmg on every target around the pet, 10 sec CD). The best threat generator, allows you soloing end game dungeons like Maraudon, ZF, lower BRD, etc.

Turtles - Shieldwall (permanent -30% dmg ability that sticks your pet to the ground, can be turned on/off). Good solo target tank.

Striders - +5% attack and casting speed for 2 min for your party (the whole 5 ppl in your group), 5 min CD.

Wolves - +80 ap to you and your party's next physical attack, 10 sec CD. One of the best options for a MM hunter. Lupos shadow damage is nerfed, standard physical.

Hyenas - +3% attack speed and +15% movement speed for you and your party, 100% uptime. A very good choice for any hunter spec due to mobility and haste.

Crabs - hamstring (-40% movement speed for 8 sec), 15 sec CD.

Boars - charge (greatly increases its attack and stuns the target for 1s). Top pet for starting because it eats all types of food and provides very good dps and threat generation.

Wind Serpents - Lightning Bolt (unchanged?)

Bears - solo target stun on a 1 min CD.

Cats - stealth (increased damage on the first attack). Broken Tooth, Rake are nerfed/normalized to all cats.