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General Dungeon Changes

Pre60 Dungeons made more challenging and also significantly more rewarding, many mobs/bosses hit much harder and drop far better loot. Greens from early dungeons upgraded to blues, most loot had stats buffed across all 1-50 dungeons.

-Scholomance Attune Required - Must complete the key for scholomance questline including Araj.

-All Scarlet Monastery dungeons removed due to renovation as an endgame raid.

-Molten Core Attunement - BRD only drops one core fragment per run.

-LBRS/DM w/e/n rebalanced to 10m raid difficulty. Loot adjusted.

-Zul'Gurub Attunement questline added

Innkeeper LFG tool

New endgame reputations

Available Raid Content

World Bosses

40 Man Raids

20 Man Raids

  • Zul'Gurub [2 New Bosses; Azus the Bloodseeker, The Nameless Hermit]

15 Man Raids

10 Man Raids

Raiding Reputations Added/Changed

In Development

Next Slated for Release